There was a young man by the name of Rob who had recently moved to California to work as a high school counselor for seniors in San Diego. All with the hopes to do something great..

On his first day of work, Rob arrived very enthusiastically at 9:25 am, exactly 5 minutes before the bell rang. Rob was extremely eager to meet his students and had many great ideas for the school year.

However, he shortly realized that the students had very little interest in his class. His students trickled in late, way after the first period bell rang. Rob, couldn’t comprehend his students’ notion of time and their lack of consideration for everyone else’s time. Their apathetic behavior and their cruel jokes towards each other separated the class into different social cliques, having little to no respect for one another.

Nonetheless, this was the true reality of any high school, just as the movies would depict. You have the cool popular kids that primarily make up the cheerleaders and athletes. Then, you have the misunderstood artists that make up the drama club, musicians, cooks, and poets. Last, you have the social rejects, which are usually kids from the science club or any similar high school honors club.

9:25 am a few days later, Rob decided to face this adversity in a creative way. Rob decided to challenge his students and teach them a fundamental life lesson. In doing so, Rob had his students go outside of their comfort zone and reverse their stereotype roles in a traditional role playing activity. For example, the nerd will experience being popular, the artist a jock, and the timid one an expressive actor. Therefore, everyday for 9 days during the first 25 minutes of class, the students would experience a new role. However, if the student arrived late to class they would have to make up that time with an extra 25 minutes.

In spite of his students resistance in the beginning, Rob was able to create a sense of respect among his students and made them be on time for class.

Therefore, on the morning of graduation, proud on how far his students had come, Rob decided to give his students a special hand crafted gift that would symbolize the mark of their new journey. So exactly at 9:25 am Rob gave each of his students a personalized watch, reflecting their individual style and vibrant personalities. It was truly a bittersweet moment. His students had learned to value time and become more secure in themselves. The students, fascinated with the present, encouraged Rob to continue with his idea for generations to come, giving birth to N2F.